May 16, 2016


What is this initiative?

This initiative will reduce the power of big-money interests, increase accountability and transparency, and give ordinary people a stronger voice in our elections.

  • Increase accountability by strengthening enforcement of existing campaign finance laws and increasing penalties for violations.
  • Limit the power of big-money interests in county policymaking by banning large county contractors from making political donations to county candidates and by closing loopholes that allow lobbyists to wield influence through gifts.
  • Set strict limits on big-money contributions by reducing the maximum contribution to $250 per election for county candidates.
  • Give ordinary people a stronger voice in government and give community-oriented candidates more opportunity to run for office by updating Miami-Dade County’s small-donor system to replace the large donations from wealthy contributors with small donations from ordinary people matched by limited public funds.

Why do we need it?

From the White House to our local government, wealthy special interests have too big a say in who gets to run for office and what laws get passed. Voters deserve a government that is truly of, by, and for the people – not of, by, and for corporations and big donors.

  • Today, a candidate has to be wealthy or have lots of wealthy contributors in order to run for office. We need a way for ordinary people with extraordinary ideas to run for office without needing big money donations.
  • Big-money interests and lobbyists in Miami-Dade County have a stronger voice in our local government than ordinary people, and it leads to families being pushed out of their homes to build luxury high-rises that only the wealthiest can afford.
  • The system is rigged against everyday people. We need to change the status quo, end pay-to-play politics, and make our government truly of, by, and for the people.
  • Miami-Dade County has seen levels of corruption at every level that costs taxpayers millions in special interest giveaways. If we allow ordinary people to run for office, they can stand up to big dollar contributors and lobbyists.
  • Real estate developers have too much power over elections, and it leads to families being pushed out of their homes to build luxury high-rises that only the wealthiest can afford.

How would this help underrepresented communities?

  • By providing more opportunities for community-oriented candidates who aren’t necessarily supported by wealthy contributors and lobbyists, we give our communities a better chance to elect candidates who will represent their interests in office.
  • This initiative would break down the barriers that prevent working people of all races and genders to run and win office and as well as removing barriers that prevent the voices of ordinary people from being heard in our political system.

Has this been done before?

Similar laws, including one in New York City, have opened the door for working people of all races and genders to run and win, leading to a more diverse body of elected officials.

How do I get involved?

We’ll need Miami-Dade residents to come together from across our community in order to pass this initiative. If you’d like to help ensure we have a government that works for people like you, instead of wealthy special interests. Sign up to volunteer, donate, or receive updates about the campaign.