Breakthrough Technology to Unleash Student Creativity

Technology is one of the tools that can be used to unleash student creativity. There are many ways that technology can be used in classrooms, such as using digital storytelling, Google Forms, and online video tutorials for collaboration and independent learning.

Technology should be a teaching tool to engage students with their creative ideas through different projects like coding apps or designing websites.

Contributions of technology to student learning

Technology has the power to unleash student creativity, but it’s up to us as educators to make sure they are getting the right kind of exposure. So I’m going to share some tips for how you can harness technology in your classroom- whether you’re using computers, iPads, or other devices to get kids engaged in learning new skills and thinking creatively about problems.

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Creativity is often associated with bold, new concepts and ideas. However, creativity can be found in the most mundane tasks, such as making a sandwich or balancing a checkbook. When students are given creative opportunities to explore their world through technology, they find that they have an abundance of innovative thoughts at their fingertips- ready to be shared with others!  This blog post aims to share some ways teachers can tap into students’ natural curiosity and encourage them to unleash their creativity by using technology in the classroom. Check out these ways you can use technology in your classroom today:

  1. Use Google Slides for presentations;
  2. Create online quizzes;
  3. Enhance lessons with videos;
  4. Showcase student work on your site.

technology to student learning

How does technology help students be creative?

Technology has changed the way we learn and share information. As a result, educators’ use of technology in the classroom is not only an educational strategy, it’s a necessity to unleash student creativity and prepare them for technological jobs of the future. How educators can effectively integrate technology into their teaching practices to create more engaging lessons to help students thrive in today’s technologically-driven world.

How do you unleash their creativity? One way is by using technology. Technology provides a variety of ways for teachers and students alike to express themselves creatively without having all the traditional limitations of physical materials. These lessons include videos, interactive activities such as simulations or games, and even just ideas for what could happen next in a story read aloud by an educator or student during class time. This type of open-ended learning helps students think more critically about problems they might encounter in their education and find solutions.

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